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To protect, preserve and enhance the Ruxton, Riderwood and Lake Roland area communities through stewardship, education and advocacy.
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2023 Year-End Association Report

NCR Trail Proposal Update

Ruxton-Riderwood-Lake Roland Area Improvement Association Establishes a Meeting with Elected Officials and Baltimore County DPW&T to Give a Voice to Neighborhood Concerns

As many of you who are members of the Ruxton-Riderwood-Lake Roland Area Improvement Association (RRLRAIA) and who read our weekly newsletters are aware, the Baltimore County Department of Public Works & Transportation (DPW&T) and its Consultant, JMT, have proposed a bike trail that connects the Jones Falls Trail to the NCR Trail through Lake Roland Park, and intersecting multiple neighborhoods in the RRLRAIA footprint. Circle, Ruxton, Springway, and Thornton Roads would be impacted by the trail to handle the additional bike and pedestrian traffic. The current proposal also has the trail running directly adjacent to Roland Run in certain areas.

On December 20th, several members of the Board of the Association met with Councilman Izzy Patoka, State Senator Shelly Hettleman, and Julie Hubbard of Delegate Dana Stein’s staff, as well as three members of the County Department of Public Works & Transportation planning department, led by Deborah Price. In addition to the Board Members, two community members were present: Owen Knott and Fran Anderson, a past President of the Association.

The purpose of the meeting was to make sure that the concerns of the community regarding the proposed alignment of the connection of the NCR Bike Trail to Lake Roland Park were brought to the attention of our elected officials and the County DPW&T Planning department.

The Board and community members made clear that the proposed alignment has multiple negative effects on our community, including environmental, flooding, property, parking, quality of life, and constructability issues. It was also discussed that the Lake Roland Nature Council and the RRLRAIA offered a viable alternative route connecting Lake Roland Park and Meadowood Park. This alignment was part of RRLRAIA’s 2010 Community Plan as well as Baltimore County’s 2020 Master Plan.

After presenting the Board and the Community’s reservations about the current alignment and the lack of public awareness and public input into the process were presented and discussed, Deborah Price of the DPW&T stressed that the evaluation and decision on the current proposed alignment was not final; and that the timeline for the study had been extended for six months to June 2024. They also stated that they would be meeting with their engineering consultant, JMT, to reevaluate the current proposed route from Thornton Road to the Park along Roland Run, based on the input that they have received and that they would hold a community meeting to get more public feedback before any final decision on the alignment of the NCR-LRP connecting route was finalized.

While this issue is not yet completely settled, we believe progress was made and trust that the community will have further opportunity to make their views known before any final decisions. The Association would like to thank our elected representatives for listening to the many voices from our community and for their assistance in getting the proposed route reevaluated

Please follow E-News for updates on this issue. For any questions or comments regarding the NCR Trail Proposal, please contact office@rrlraia.org.

The Baltimore County Council
Voted Unanimously to Adopt
The Ruxton Riderwood Lake Roland
Area Improvement Association’s
2020 Community Plan
on April 3, 2023

Every ten years, the Association develops a community plan laying out its actions to achieve the identified priorities for the next ten years. The primary goal, as always, of the 2020 Ruxton Riderwood Lake Roland Area Community Plan is to help preserve and enhance the quality of life in our area communities.

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