Who We Are

The Ruxton-Riderwood-Lake Roland Area Improvement Association’s mission is to protect, preserve, and enhance our community through stewardship, education, and advocacy. The Association works closely with elected officials, environmental planners, law enforcement officials, and neighborhood associations to address local issues and advocate for favorable resolutions for our community. The Association covers over 4,200 acres of land and has nearly 1,000 household members. The Association is managed by an elected board of governors from the community that directs the activities of several active committees. Our Executive Administrator coordinates member requests and maintains close contact with local government and law enforcement officials.

What We Do and Membership Benefits

  • The Zoning and Code Enforcement Committee monitors and coordinates efforts related to zoning issues, variances, special exceptions, and code enforcement issues and works directly with County officials. When material modifications to a residence require the Design Review Panel (DRP), the committee solicits neighborhood feedback and acts as a liaison between the residents, developers, builders, and the County’s DRP office.
  • The Public Facilities, Enhancements, and Historic Preservation Committee pursues community beautification and revitalization projects and coordinates concerns with traffic, road conditions, sidewalks, bridge improvement, trash, graffiti, and invasive vine removal with County and State officials. The committee sponsors Second Saturday Street and Stream Cleanups each month.
  • The Association authors a Community Plan every ten years based on resident concerns. The key issues are submitted and incorporated into Baltimore County’s Master Plan.
  • The Flooding and Sewer committees work in collaboration with the Baltimore County and State Government to advocate for actions to prevent flooding, improve sewer function, and focus on the goals and action items in the 2020 Community Plan.
  • Members are invited to the Association’s educational lectures, speaker series, and events, including Dumpster and Donation Day, Shredder Day, Annual Membership Meetings, and Road and Stream Clean-ups.
  • Members receive the Association’s weekly E-News, which keeps members informed on Association News and Events, Community Announcements, Events Happening in our Area, and Patron Highlights.
  • Members receive crime notices and safety information from our Baltimore County Police Liaison.
  • Members have access to our Executive Administrator, who coordinates member requests, manages board activity, and offers advocacy with county and state officials.

Who We Serve

The Association covers over 4,200 acres or 6.6 square miles and is bounded on the north by the Baltimore Beltway; on the west by the Jones Falls Expressway (I-83) north to the overpass at Falls Road, then north on Falls Road to the Baltimore Beltway; on the south by the Baltimore City line; and on the east by N. Charles Street, plus the area between N. Charles Street and Charles Street Avenue extended to its terminus at W. Joppa Road. Association Area Map

Why We Started

The Association was formed in 1953 when a neighborhood organization meeting drew more than 200 residents to adopt a constitution and bylaws. Its first project was to prevent the new I-83 link from being routed through Ruxton, past the L’Hirondelle Club, and over Lake Roland. The Association also vigorously promoted the interceptor sewer line to help stop pollution in Lake Roland and was active in numerous zoning issues.

If you are interested in joining the Association as a member, visit our Membership Page.