Committee Activity

2023 Zoning Activities:

  • Special exception for veterinary use at 1423 Clarkview Road for relocation of Falls Road Animal Hospital
  • Structure addition at 703 Abell Ridge Circle
  • Development plan for 1400 Walnut Lane
  • Stormwater management issue at 2010 Ridgecrest Court
  • Construction concerns regarding 8315-8317 Bellona Avenue
  • Subdivision of 1857 & 1861 Circle Road concerns
  • 1310 Hollins Lane subdivision and variance request
  • 1710 Ruxton Road Design Review Panel (DRP) review and meeting
  • Development activity and land clearing on 2.7 acres on North Charles Street
  • 1919 Ruxton Road sale, subdivision, and potential connection road to Circle Road
  • Bellona Lane use variance for medical/dental building development
  • Pickleball use at the former Davey Tree site by Coppermine
  • CZMP issue – 6119 Falls Road – zoning change request
  • W. Joppa Road Royal Farm temporary signage
  • Advocating a crosswalk at N. Charles Street and Stevenson Lane as part of the community plan
  • Moon Rise Festival noise complaint response
  • State Highway Administration – Bellona Avenue repaving complaint
  • Continued monitoring of plans for the proposed Brewpub continue


  • Torch Hill on Seminary
  • Greenspring Manor on Joppa Road
  • Lutherville Transit Oriented Development
  • Falls Road/Old Pimlico Self-Storage
  • L’Hirondelle Club Pickleball
  • Lake Avenue side-yard shed variance
  • Falls Road water main replacement
  • N. Charles Street water main replacement
  • NCR-Jones Falls bike trail feasibility study

Other committee activities:

  • Tree removal on Thornton Road
  • Roland Run blockage clearing
  • Gained unanimous County Council support for the adoption of our Community Plan 2020

Residential and commercial projects within the Association boundaries are subject to the Baltimore County Design Review Panel (DRP), which seeks to ensure design standards are comparable with others in the neighborhood. The Design Review Panel (DRP), whose members are appointed by the Baltimore County Executive, is an advisory and consulting body to the Baltimore County agencies involved in reviewing development plans and variances. The Association monitors re-zoning and variance requests submitted to the County for properties in our community. Property owners, contractors, and developers, who plan to build or make significant modifications to existing homes, need to go through the County’s design review process. Prior to DRP meetings, the Association hosts community input meetings to introduce the owner/developer to neighbors and to offer an opportunity to address development concerns such as the overall design of the project, landscaping, and stormwater runoff. The output of these meetings is communicated to the members of the Design Review Panel representing our communities.

Recent Zoning and Code Enforcement Projects include:

A Brew Pub is being planned for the Falls Road area. The Association worked with the Lake Falls Association to address concerns about the business’s lighting, sound, and operational hours. A Restrictive Covenant Agreement (RCA) was developed to address these issues. All parties signed the RCA, and it was submitted to Baltimore County. Legislation was also drafted and approved to allow for this use on that property.

  • A property in Bare Hills is being considered for the development of an indoor/outdoor pickleball facility. The Association worked with local leadership and resident groups to facilitate discussions with the developer regarding feasibility.
  • The Committee monitored the reconstruction of a convenience store and requested crosswalk and sidewalk improvements to include ADA compliance from the County to facilitate foot traffic.
  • The Association hosted meetings between neighborhood groups contiguous to Blakehurst and the developers for the planned expansion on the Mission Helpers site to add independent living units. The meetings dealt with concerns, such as setbacks and buffer areas, and resulted in a Restrictive Covenants Agreement (RCA) that included Blakehurst, the adjacent neighbors and the Association. The document was signed earlier this year and will be recorded by the County.
  • The Association challenged a variance request of a proposed oversized electronic, changeable sign intended for marketing and advertising for a religious institution.
  • The Association notified nearby neighbors, inviting them to participate in the County hearings. The Administrative Law Judge ruled in favor of the church stating Federal religious exemption laws.
  • The Association notified the County’s Office of Planning Permits of an unauthorized developer and owner modification to approved DRP plans.
  • The committee helped with the enforcement of variance requests for accessory dwelling units.
  • The committee Monitored the rezoning of a lot from commercial to residential and notified neighbors of potential rezoning and the DRP process.
  • The Association Monitor is monitoring the sales of a multi-acre lot that could be subdivided.
  • The Association is monitoring Bellona Avenue and the backside of Abell Ridge. The preliminary designs need to go through the DRP process.

Monitoring Large Developments Outside Our Community:

  • Torch Hill – 1400 West Seminary Avenue: a 32 single-family home development on 45 acres
  • Greenspring Manor – 2310 West Joppa Road: a 61-lot subdivision
  • Light Rail Developments in Lutherville/Timonium