Special Meeting News

Thank you to all of our members for your engagement before and during the Special Meeting of the Membership on Wednesday, July 12, where we discussed the proposed development, the Village of Lake Roland. As we stated during the meeting, working together, we can create a better community for all. We especially thank the many members who placed their trust and support with the Board. Although we are all volunteers, we take our duty to serve you and the community very seriously.

At the Special Meeting, many of you shared your concerns about the proposed development, and its potential impact on Lake Roland, your homes close to the project, and the businesses you frequent along Falls Road close to the project. We want to reassure every resident of the area, whether a dues paying member or not, that we have heard your concerns and will work diligently to communicate these concerns to the developer, as we have been doing since the inception of the proposed project. These efforts are reflected in the numerous changes that have already been made to the conceptual project design from the initial proposal to what is currently proposed today.

By a count of 491 to 298 (Note: final tally revised to reflect a count of 504 to 305), the membership of the RRLRAIA has voted, in person and through proxy votes, to support the Board in its efforts to promote the best interests of the community. As we have stated previously and at the special meeting, the proposed development project is not at a stage of the development process where formal support or opposition by the Association is appropriate, but between now and when that time comes, we will solicit your thoughts and opinions to ensure that your voice is heard through the Association. We want to reiterate that there will be more opportunities for the community to provide input through the County’s development process and design review process. In addition, the developer will be required by this process to hold one or more community input meetings (CIMs) regarding the project. We encourage you to get involved.

We all treasure our community, in particular Lake Roland and the surrounding park, as reflected in our efforts in the rehabilitation of the park over the past years. The Association will continue to work with the developer and Baltimore County and provide input as the project goes through the development review process. To that end, the Association is committed to sharing all comments provided to it regarding this development to Baltimore County and to the developer.

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