COVID-19 Resources

We have organized information from many sources to help residents in our communities find useful information during this unprecedented time. We welcome suggestions for making this site more effective for communication of COVID-19 related topics. Please contact us with suggestions.

Elderly and At-Risk shopper hours and Delivery Service information

(on N. Charles Street)
Personal Shopping information

Baltimore County Government’s
Provider and Community Partners COVID-19 Resource Guide

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

If you would like to check on a neighbor or set up a neighborhood phone/text/email group, let us know if you need contact information. This is a great way to consolidate shopping trips and a wonderful way to support your neighbors. Contact us.

E-News and Emails

During the COVID-19 crisis, we are emailing information on related resources. Typically our ENews is sent only to current members, however, we are sharing this information with all RRLRAIA residents for whom we have email addresses. If you would like to receive emails, please send us your request to


Members of RRLRAIA receive regular updates pertaining to local area information.