Association Tour: County Recycle Facility

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Join Association board member Patty Mochel for a 90-minute tour to learn about waste management in Baltimore County and see firsthand what happens to recyclables from when they are picked up by collection trucks until they are baled and ready for market.

The Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) receives, sorts, and prepares recyclable materials for marketing. Baltimore County’s MRF can sort “single stream” recyclables—a mixture of paper, plastic, metal, and glass items. The highly automated sorting equipment contains 86 conveyor belts, six sorting screens, three optical sorters, and two balers. By marketing the recyclables, the County retains the value of these materials and maximizes the financial benefits of its single-stream recycling program.

Limit to 10 people – signup is required. Additional information about the tour will be sent. Please include your email address on the signup page so important information can be sent.

Watch a video to learn more about the facility.

Learn more about the facility.

Space is limited so please register for this free tour in advance.

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