Changes are being proposed to the federal flood insurance rate maps. Anyone desiring flood insurance coverage in general, and anyone with a mortgage in particular should look at the attached FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map panel. If their property looks like it is located in a zone beginning with the letter A, and if they do not already have flood insurance, they should contact their insurance agent right away to obtain coverage before the new maps take effect on August 2, 2011. They should show the attached pages about “grandfathering” to their agent to see if they qualify. If they obtain flood insurance before the new maps take effect, and if the map has changed to newly include their property in an A-zone, the insurance premium rate will be much lower than if they wait until their mortgage company advises them of the change after the fact.

This involves the de-certification by FEMA of the levee at Dennis Avenue and Essex Farm Road, but also applies along any part of the floodplain areas since re-mapping was done to try to improve the accuracy of the Federal floodplain maps. A delay in the effective date was requested until the levee certification policies were clarified (now in process at FEMA at the request of Congress), but that request was denied by FEMA. Further, flood insurance has a 30-day waiting period before it takes effect, and it is unclear how this affects the grandfathering provisions. It is suggested that any property owner that might be affected by this flood insurance map change contact their insurance provider immediately to protect themselves from a significant cost increase.

Roland Run Flood Insurance Rate Map Correction Requested. In August 2014 Baltimore County submitted a Letter of Map Change (LOMC) request to correct information shown on the current effective Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) for Roland Run which begins in Timonium and flows south into Lake Roland. According to the cover letter submitted by David L. Thomas, P.E. with the application, “… a significant number of property owners carrying flood insurance are paying premiums at the zone AE rate which, if the subject LOMC request is approved and the FIRM corrected, would be insurable at the much lower zone X rate.” According to Mr. Thomas, while some properties will no longer be designated in the floodplain, others will probably be included when they were not before. This will affect those property owners with mortgages who will be required to purchase flood insurance. More information is available on the Baltimore County website for explanations and, if necessary, to check for errors in the new maps.

NFIP Map & Zone Grandfather Rules (PDF)
Rate 123 Grandfathering (PDF)
Preferred Risk Policy Eligibility Extension FAQ (PDF)
Flood Insurance Rate Map (PDF)

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