Current and past issues of the Ruxton-Riderwood-Lake Roland Area Improvement Association Neighborhood NEWS
are also available at the Rider House.

Spring/Summer 2019
Metes and Bounds: Municipal Marker Stones on our Doorstep • President’s Letter • A Message from Greater Ruxton Area Foundation • Welcome, Ruxton Mercantile! • Signs of Improvement • The Boy Scout Lodge at Hunt’s Church • Property Boundary Markers • Ruxton’s Early Road System: Bellona Come Lately • Familiar Faces – Laura Burden of Pepe’s Catering • Upcoming Events • Home Sales • Plant Native Canopy Trees In Your Yard This Fall • The L’Hirondelle Trail Renewed • Meet Baltimore County Councilman Izzy Patoka • March Street Clean – That’s a Wrap! • A New Addition to Ruxton Village Shops – The Monogram Shop • Happy Anniversary, Paw Point!

Winter 2018-2019
Our Architectural Heritage – Eclectic Houses • President’s Letter • A Message from Greater Ruxton Area Foundation • Annual Meeting • Area Events • Meet Your Newly Elected RRLRAIA Board Members! • Home Sales in Ruxton/Riderwood/Lake Roland • Behind the Green Towson Alliance • Concerns about Parking on our Narrow Roads • Eddie’s Autumn Roasted Pear Salad • Thank You, 2018 Patrons • Home Remodeling Trends • Familiar Faces: Graul’s Market • Familiar Faces: Princeton Sports • On Being Taller Than Trees • StoryWalk at Lake Roland • There’s an App for That! • Lake Roland Recreation Pier Refurbished

Spring 2018
Taking a Ride Down Charles Street • President’s Letter • A Message from Greater Ruxton Area Foundation • Membership Dues Reminder • Our Area’s Unsung Heroes • Spotlight on the RRLRAIA Membership Committee • In Like A Lion • Lemon Chicken with Artichokes and Feta • Upcoming Events • Holiday Party in the Woods • Street / Stream Clean Efforts – Who Knows What You’ll Find! • Home Sales in Ruxton/Riderwood/Lake Roland • What are Neonicotinoids – and why is it important that we rid our gardens of them? • Our Architectural Heritage – Eclectic Houses • Kids Corner • Lake Roland Events – Mark Your Calendars! • West Towson Elementary Honored as a Blue Ribbon School • Spring Cleaning 2018

Winter 2017-2018
Our Architectural Heritage — Eclectic Houses • President’s Letter • Annual Membership Meeting • Welcome, New RRLRAIA Board Members! • Village at Home • Service with a Smile • Brown Memorial Woodbrook Presbyterian Church • Local Winter Celebrations • Old Bags Take on New Life • RRLRAIA Updated Single Stream Recycling 2017 • Lake Roland — How Far We’ve Come! • Home Sales in Ruxton/Riderwood/Lake Roland • Thank you, 2017 Patrons • Towson U. Students Lend GRAF a Helping Hand • Recycling Redux • September Street Clean • Ancient Oceans, Rare Plants — Secrets of Lake Roland’s Serpentine

Fall 2017
Choosing the Wood Where Two Roads Diverged • President’s Letter • Special Membership Meeting – A Recap • Fantastic Friday Night Lights! • Ruxton, Riderwood and Lake Roland Summer Photos • Explore Nature Quest at Baltimore County Parks • Hello, Mr. Fox • The Willow • Invasive Vines • I Spy… • Beet-Cured Salmon • Newsletter/Website Committee Spotlight • Home Sales in Ruxton/Riderwood/Lake Roland • Annual Membership Meeting • Solar Power in the Neighborhood • GRAF Update • Dumpster Day 2017 • March 2017 Street & Stream Clean • Spring Cleaning on Circle Road • Lake Roland’s Historic Carriage Road Bridge Repaired

Spring 2017
Ruxton’s 19th Annual Project Toad Ferry • President’s Letter • Greater Ruxton Area Foundation Update • The Facts about the RRLRAIA and The Village of Lake Roland • Please Pass (on) the Salt • Integrating Native Plants Into Your Landscape • Park Ranger Profiles • Wood-Grilled Asparagus with Lump Crab, Shiitake Mushrooms and Lemon • Meet the RRLRAIA Events Committee! • Home Sales in Ruxton / Riderwood / Lake Roland • Getting to Know You – Getting to Know All About You • Making Our Communities Safer • Dumpster Day 2017 • Walking the Dogs • Upcoming Events • Recap of a Successful November 2016 Street & Stream Clean

Winter 2016-2017
Lake Roland Nature Center Officially Opened • President’s Letter • New GRAF President John Lalley • Welcome New President Clark Parriott • Welcome, New and Returning Board Members • The Course of Towson University • Neighborhood Gem — Good Shepherd School • Chicken and Dumplings Recipe • Local Winter Celebrations • Home Sales in Ruxton / Riderwood / Lake Roland • Kids Corner — Favorite Winter Traditions • The Shops at Kenilworth — A Revitalization • Thank You, 2016 Patrons • Shredder/E-Cycling Event • Royal Farms Plans for West Joppa Road Store • Residents Beware: The Emerald Ash Borer Has Arrived! • Another Successful Street Clean • Falls Road Construction Brings Restored Trout Stream

Fall 2016
Who are We? Making Sense of the Census • President’s Letter • Greater Ruxton Area Foundation Announces New President • Shredder and Electronics E-Cycling Event • What is a Riparian Buffer and Why You May Want One • Supporting Our Local Schools • Avocado Salsa Recipe • Giving a House a Second Chance — it’s all in the Details • RRLRAIA Annual Meeting 2016 • Community Business Profile — Callahan’s, a Rockland Treasure • Kids Corner — Rescued Animals at Lake Roland • Dumpster Day April 2016 • How to Design a Riparian Buffer • Art on the Trail at Lake Roland • Ram Pits — This Water Moves Up! • Community Business Profile — Simply Beautiful Flowers and Gifts • Circle Road Clean-up • Spring 2016 Street and Stream Clean-ups • Sharing our Neighborhood Streets • Home Sales in Ruxton / Riderwood / Lake Roland • Outstanding Leadership Award Goes to Jeffrey Budnitz

Spring 2016
Our Architectural Heritage — Victorian Houses • President’s Letter • Upcoming Events • A Park Ranger’s Profile: Jeffrey Ruark • Dumpster Day 2016 • Cowboy Caviar • Street Clean — May 14 • Greater Ruxton Area Foundation — Mission Success • Lake Roland Nature and Environmental Education Center Update • Holiday Party in the Woods • Congratulations to Local Teacher Dana Levitt! • Bare Hills Community Happy Hour • A Salute to Our Community Business Partners • A New Vet in Town: Community Business Profile • Debris Clean-up • Kids Corner • Go Native! Third Annual Native Plant Sale at Lake Roland • Bellona Avenue Storm Water Project Update • Home Sales in Ruxton / Riderwood / Lake Roland • CZMP Proposed Zoning Changes

Winter 2015-2016
Water: the Fight Against Nature Continues • President’s Letter • GRAF — An Excellent Investment for Every Property Owner • Giving the Gift of a Lifetime • Lake Roland Once Again • Recycling Comes to Lake Roland • Thank You, 2015 Patrons! • Annual Meeting Highlights • “Changing of the Board” (not quite like the changing of the Palace Guards!) • Holiday Party in the Woods • On a Grave Mission From God • S3 Training Center • Kids Corner • Know Your Baltimore County Flood Terminology • A Park Ranger’s Profile: Jonathan Wood • Home Security — Matching Mayhem One for One • The Perfect Gourmet • Where have all the R’cycles gone? • Just the Facts • Local Winter Celebrations • Home Sales in Ruxton / Riderwood / Lake Roland • Stir Fried Rice

Fall 2015
Johnson Milk House Restored • President’s Letter • New Team – Same Beautification and Preservation Mission for GRAF • Explore Nature Quest at Baltimore County Parks • New General Assembly Representatives • Elected Officials Serving the RRLR Area • Mrs. Harrington’s Wye River Cheese Puffs • Our Architectural Heritage – The Romantic Style • Third Annual Friday Night Lights • Last Community Clean-ups Sept. 19 and Nov. 14 • Blakehurst in the Neighborhood • The Mitchell School: A Neighborhood Fine Arts Treasure • Robert E. Lee Park Hopes to Attract a Lovely Bird • RRLRAIA Annual Meeting • Kids Corner • Painting a colorful new picture of Bare Hills • Safety in Darkness • The Difference Between RRLRAIA and GRAF • Home Sales in Ruxton / Riderwood / Lake Roland • Door-to-Door Solicitors: Your Privacy Takes a Setback

Spring 2015
Stairway to Heaven: A Rockland Garden • President’s Letter • Foundation Broadens Leadership With New Officers • Ding Dong, Do I Know You? • Coale Honored for GRAF Leadership • E·N·Olivier – The Fruits of a Culinary Adventure • Spring Asparagus Brunch Fare • Home Sales in Ruxton / Riderwood / Lake Roland • Trees – Programs and Planting • Unlike Fences, Trees Sometimes Do Not Make Good Neighbors • Towson Area Events • Bare Hills Business Community Happy Hour • Holiday Party in the Woods • Robert’s Park Rangers • Volunteer! • Dues Reminder! • RRLRAIA Street Clean-up Saturday, May 16 • Well, Kermit – It’s Easy to be Green! • BGE’s Planned Improvements in Ruxton — Update • Dumpster Day

Winter 2014-2015
Annual Meeting Highlights • President’s Letter • Silent Night 1814 • Closeting Old New Year’s Resolutions • Thank You, 2014 Patrons! • Roland Run Flood Insurance Rate Map Correction Requested • Mary Kate Tells It Like It Is • Home Sales in Ruxton / Riderwood / Lake Roland • Lake Roland Education Center • New Board Members • Towson WinterFest Activities • Easy Pumpkin Bread Pudding With Warm Caramel Sauce • Kids Corner • RRLRAIA Committee Reports for 2013-2014 • BGE Plans Improved Reliability for Ruxton Areas • Topping the Table With Style

Fall 2014
Bellona Gunpowder Works Once a Booming Industry • President’s Letter • Greater Ruxton Area Foundation Board Presents Award to Truax • All Aboard to Acorn Hill! • Club Sandwich on a Stick • “Voice of the Heart” is Heard at Brown Memorial • Home Sales in Ruxton / Riderwood / Lake Roland • My Eagle Scout Project • Second Annual Friday Night Lights • RRLRAIA Meet-and-Greet and Annual Meeting • Dumpster Day Success • Save These Dates! • More New Neighbors • Making the Grade with a Stream Clean-up

Spring 2014
The “New” Towson YMCA • President’s Letter • Greater Ruxton Area Foundation Year-End Report • Welcome to the Neighborhood • Home Sales • Kids Corner — Ruxton in the Spring • Our Architectural Heritage — The Colonial Style • Bare Hills Business Community Happy Hour • Holiday Party in the Woods • Who Represents You? Election Season After Redistricting • Trees, A Sign of Hope • Baby Arugula Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette • Dumpster Day 2014 • Giving Ruxtonites a Little Gas • A Fish Tale

Winter 2013-14
Trail Blazers • President’s Letter • Shredder Day • Home Sales • Thank You, Patrons! • Roland Run Floodplain Study • Apple Cranberry Acorn Squash Recipe • Kids’ Corner • Christmas Cannon • A More Than Fine Sister Act • With Our Sincere Appreciation • Towson WinterFest Activities • Oh Say Can You See? — Yes, Yes I Can! The RRLRAIA 2013 Annual Meeting • RRLRAIA Committee Reports for 2012-2013

Fall 2013
Ruxton Tops the Recycling Heap • President’s Letter • Charles Street Interchange Project • Ford’s Forge • Home Sales • Mediterranean-Style Code in Tomato & Wine Broth • When Man’s Best Friend Gets Lost • Greater Ruxton Area Foundation Report • It Takes a Lot of Villages to Save a Bay • Friday Night Lights — Your Community Plan in Action • Baltimore Checkerspot Recovery Project • Autumn Leaves at Robert E. Lee Park • Enough is Enough.  Don’t Invade My Space!

Spring 2013
Our Architectural Heritage — Folk Houses • President’s Letter • Noise in Our Neck of the Woods • Project Clean Stream • SWAT Team Community Clean-up • Home Sales • Getting to Know Our Neighbors — Continental Realty Corporation • Crime Report: Lock Up! • Greater Ruxton Area Foundation: The Mission Continues • Dumpster Day 2013 • The Hidden World of Robert E. Lee Park • Be Smart. Save Energy. Save Money. • The Guide to Lazy Gardening • Lyme Disease in Animals

Winter 2012-2013
The History of L’Hirondelle, From Boat Paddles to Paddle Tennis • President’s Letter • Ho-Ho-Holiday Party in the Woods • Towson WinterFest Activities • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas • And H-e-e-e-re’s…….Barbara! • Sleigh Bells Ring, Can You Hear Them? • Home Sales • Winter Birds • Robert E. Lee Park Needs YOU • See What You May Have Missed • County Schools Dance to a New Tune • Celery Root and Potato Gratin • Thank You to Our Wonderful Clean-up Volunteers! • It’s That Time of Year Again • RRLRAIA Annual Meeting Report

Fall 2012
When Men Were Men and Sport Was Sport, The Story of Robert Garrett, Olympic Hero • President’s Letter • The Foundation at Mid-Year 2012 • Fall Fun in Robert E. Lee Park • Meeting Neighbors by Association • The Design Review Panel, A Homeowners’ Primer • Home Sales in Ruxton / Riderwood / Lake Roland • Bookmark This: A Food Blog Born and Bred in Ruxton • That’s Amore! • A New Look for Historic Towson High School • The Fall Gardener’s ‘To Do’ List • Village at Home: Up and Running Smoothly • The Origins of Hurstleigh • A Sign of the Times • The League of Women Voters • “Lost! Lovable Lab…Please Call!!”

Spring 2012
The Known Ranger • President’s Letter • New Spaces Planned for Blakehurst Lifecare Community • Mansion in the Mist • Paw Point — Where a Dog Can be a Dog • Project Clean Stream • Home Sales • Heart Smart Roasted Salmon Provencal Recipe • Garden Clubs Bloom Where They are Planted • Garden Calendar: The Growing Season • Got Junk? • Park Residents’ Committee Formed • Tale of a Wayside Inn • Bare Hills Receives National Register Historic District Designation •Hop on Board for a Trip to Acorn Hill • Towson Happenings • Acquiring Muscle in Lean Times, The New Coppermine Fieldhouse • Smile! You’re On Candid Camera! • Redistricting: Does it Affect You? • SWAT Team Community Clean-up

Winter 2011-2012
Duty Calls • President’s Letter • Board Wishes Well to Old and New Members •Church of the Good Shepherd Welcomes Sixth Rector • Guarding Against Home Disasters •Thank You, Patrons! • Home Sales in Ruxton / Riderwood / Lake Roland • For the Holidays, Eggnog Gets the Nod • A successful Year for the Foundation • A Garden Calendar for the Winter Months • Robert E Lee Park Opening •Curb Your Enthusiasm •Leopold’s Excellent Adventure • RRLRAIA Annual Meeting Showcases the Baltimore County Department of Planning • Towson Winterfest Activities •New Book Brings Murray Hill “Full Circle” • SWAT Team Opportunities for Community Clean-Up •Did You Know?

Fall 2011
Citizens Police Academy • President’s Letter • Greater Ruxton Area Foundation Report • Home Sales in Ruxton/Riderwood/Lake Roland • West Towson Elementary School Sign • Making Mystic Pizza — Earth, Wood & Fire • Ande Williams’s Famous Blue Cheese Cole Slaw • RRLRAIA Updated Website Unveiled • I Remember When…’Swampoodle’ • Welcome Back, Gill’s Garage • Blue Water Baltimore Creates a Flood of Volunteers • Maryland, Get Ticked Off! • Trash Talking — Truth and Consequences • Ruxton Landscapes Win Towson Gardens Day Awards • Towson is Designated “Best Place to Live for the Rich and Single” • Pepping up Pepe’s • Robert E. Lee Park Nature Council Plans Park Opening Celebration • Honors Showered on Eddie’s of Roland Park Women

Spring 2011
Too Many Riders for One House • President’s Letter • Greater Ruxton Area Foundation Spring 2011 Program • Never at a Loss for Words • Meet our New County Council Members • You May Be Moving This Year! Effects of Redistricting • Home Sales in Ruxton-Riderwood-Lake Roland • Dumpster Day • Food, Glorious Food • Upcoming Towson Events • Holiday Party in the Woods 2010 • Village at Home • Did You Know? Bellona Avenue • It’s Toad Time Again • Robert E. Lee Park Nature Council Update • Acting Out in the Neighborhood • Strawberry and Asparagus Salad Recipe• Did You Know? Joppa Road • A Sign of Things to Come • Aliens Invade Ruxton • Cycling Through Curbside Conundrums

Winter 2010-2011
It’s Not the Ruxton Mall! • President’s Letter • RRLRAIA Goes Back to School for Annual Meeting • RRLRAIA Welcomes New Board Members • Thank You Retiring Board Members • Home Sales • Cold Weather Split Pea Soup• Saving A Seat at the Holiday Table • Community Plan 2010 Update • Robert E. Lee Park Nature Council’s First Annual Meeting • A Bridge for All Seasons • Indoor Gardening for the Holidays • Gone A Century, But Not Forgotten• The Serpentine Barrens of Bare Hills

Fall 2010
Learning the Principles of a New Principal • President’s Letter • Flying Cranes Have Taken Wing But Nice Nests Remain • Fall 2010 Foundation Update • Springhouses-Really Cool Buildings • Home Sales • Chicken and Apple Meat Loaf with Cider Gravy • A Chronicle of Brown Memorial Woodbrook Presbyterian Church • Kelso Home-Trash or Treasure? • Robert E. Lee Park Nature Council Update • Time in a Bottle • Putting The Garden to Bed • Checking Into Sheppard Pratt • A Memorable Visit • A Thriller in Ruxton • A Call To Arms For Child’s Play • Bugged By Litter On Our Street? “SWAT” It Away!

Summer 2010
Three Ways to Help the Bay • Election Information • Greater Ruxton Area Foundation Summer Update • Sleep Tight and Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite! • Home Sales, East Ruxton #1 Dream Retirement Area • Blakehurst Hosts Board Meeting/Legislative Wrap Up • 2010 Winner of Towson’s ‘Azalea House’ Award • Project Clean Stream 2010 • Trustees, Not Owners, of Historic Treasures • A Trio of Trees to Consider • Old Maps Illustrate Community History • History of Hunt’s Church • Rider House Gardens • Eagle Scout Project to Benefit Essex Farm Park • Park Advisory Board • Towson Fourth of July Parade • Donate, Don’t Dump • Nature Stories at Cylburn

Spring 2010
The Ruxton News • President’s Letter • How to “Dig” Your Neighbor • Towson Events • Crime Prevention — Do Your Part • Greater Ruxton Area Foundation Spring Report • Mid-Term Elections 2010 • Home Sales • Ah! Wilderness • Spinach Salad Supreme • A Silent Tribute • New Recycling Program • Project Clean Stream • The Blizzard of 2010 • Sunshine Payback • Transplanting Need Not Be Shocking • New! Neighborhood Walks • Cylburn Arboretum Re-opening • Compost Bin & Rain Barrel Sale • Robert E. Lee Park Update

Winter 2009-2010
County Unveils Plan for Robert E. Lee Park • Community Plan Focus of Annual Meeting • Gott’s Hope • Lot at Corner of Joppa and Bellona Now Part of Foundation’s Maintenance Program • I Remember When…The Big Blizzard of 1958 • Holiday Party in the Woods • Who Will Attend New West Towson Elementary? • Researching Your Home’s History • Cylburn Arboretum Reopens • Quick & Easy Rum Shrimp • A Field of Dreams • To Plant a Tree… • Meet RRLRAIA’s New Governing Board Members • Plant a Live Holiday Tree • The Dam History • Disposal of Most Household Electronics Banned • Home Sales

Fall 2009
Community Plan Focus of Annual Meeting • Improved Dumpster Day • Rockland Barn Gets New Cupola • Harold Graul Jr. — I Remember When • New Pool Is Goal for Old Gaol • Test Your Community IQ • Second Life for Recyclables • To Treasure or Transform, That Is the Question • Looking Ahead: The Big Four Bulbs • Fall Leaves Bring Changes

Summer 2009
Lake Roland & Robert E. Lee Park • Hello Mr. Fox, Summertime and the Livin’ Is Easy • Happenings in Towson • Pet Laws • We Went to A Garden Party • Stream Cleanup Most Successful Yet • Going Buggy • Baltimore County Crime Tips • Delightful Devon Hill • West Towson Elementary School Update • Your House May Be Historic • Summer Recipe from Graul’s Market • Baltimore County Dog Park

Spring 2009
Please Mr. Postman • Greater Ruxton Area Foundation Update • Lug Your Rug and Save — The Kleenize Story • Holiday Party Spreads Warmth • Home Sales • Slow Down • Victory Gardens • Signs of the Time • Towson West Elementary Update • Volunteers for Stream Clean-Up

Winter 2008
Arts and Crafts in Ruxton Heights • Eco-Friendly Renovation • Sustainable Studio Rises from Historic Foundation • Riderwood Elementary Gets Student Postmaster • The Hard Part of Landscaping • Changing the Guard • A Hidden Child Found

Fall 2008
Seeds of Change: Reaping a Local Harvest • Farmer Fishpaw • Water Pipe Relining • Invasive Plant Control • Bee Wonderful • Henry’s Hens • The Falling Leaves • Ford’s Forge

Summer 2008
Senior Living Choices • Community Cleanups • Baltimore Watershed Conference • Towson Farmers’ Market • Greater Ruxton Area Foundation 2008 Spring Program • The Lawn — Use It or Lose It • Spring Walks • Grist Mills: the Early Economic Engine of the Roland Run Valley

Spring 2008
Cleaner Water on the Way • Holiday Party in the Woods • Speed Cameras in Maryland • State Roads Projects Update • Cranes Flying in Towson • A Tree Falls in Riderwood • Falls Road and Bare Hills Past and Future • Notes from a Lazy Gardener • Emergency Preparedness Begins With You

Winter 2007
Neighborhood News Goes Green • CZMP Update • 20 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle • Have A Green Holiday Season • Riderwood Postmaster Retires • Winter Beauty • Dumpster Day

Fall 2007
Traffic Calming Needed to Make Our Neighborhoods Safer! • Wildlife in Distress • Annual Meeting • Party in the Woods • Foundation Report • Neighborly Negotiating • Lake Falls • The Breezeway

Summer 2007
CZMP Is Coming! • Foundation Update • Rain Garden at Meadwood Park • I Remember When… • Meet Our New Congressional Family • Project Clean Stream • Bright Lights — Big City • Towson Gardens Day Winners

Spring 2007
Association Launches New Improved Web Site • Foundation Update • Spring Walk in Robert E. Lee Park • I Remember When… Update on Pickersgill Renovations • Minor Bulbs in Garden • Dream House in Woodbrook • Historic Property Tax Credits

Winter 2006
Battling Teardowns-Saving Neighborhoods • Ruxton’s Burma Road • Candidates’ Forum • Riderwood Connections • Charles Street Transportation Projects Update • Plants Can Multi-task Too • About the Neighbor’s Fence and Why Didn’t You Hear What I Said?

Fall 2006
“Builders for the Bay” Wins Consensus • Froggies I & II • I Remember When…Milkweed Road • Handsome Is As Handsome Does • Ruxton Tree Planting and Clean-up • Woodbrook on Charles

Summer 2006
Dealing with In-Fill Fall-Out • Rockland Village Celebration • 4th of July Parade Plan • Greening of Baltimore County • Home Sales • Spring Clean-up • Recycling • Welcome New Neighbors • The House on Circle Road

Winter 2005-2006
Securing a Ranger for Robert E. Lee Park • Save on Heating and Electric Bills • State of Our Watershed Conference • Rider House Reception • Protect Your Plants from Winter Weather • Design Review Panel • I Remember When • Dumpster Day

Fall 2005
Big Tree Champions in Our Neighborhood • Whyte-Levering House Restoration Wins Historic Award • Mining Bare Hills for Serpentine Rock, Chromite • I Remember When by Adelaide Rackeman • Be Prepared • Light Rail Update • Small Watershed Action Plan Making Big Progress

Summer 2005
Crime Prevention Tips • Animal Control • A Closer Look at the Cloisters • Zoning/Development Update • Working With Your Elected Officials • Charles Street – A National Scenic Byway? • Spring Stream Clean Up • Fishing for a Solution to Storm Water Run-Off • Light Rail Update

Spring 2005
Small Watershed Action Plan Initiated • Bamboozled? • I Remember When by Harry Wagner • Rider House Improvements and Foundation Update

Fall 2004
Comprehensive Zoning Map Process Update • Design Review Panel • Neighbors in the News – The Running Lady of Ruxton • Community History • Zap–Lights Out? Call 1-877-2222 if Your Power is Out • Foundation Update • Invasion of the Aliens

Summer 2004
Rider House Roof Near Completion • Robert E. Lee Park/Lake Roland Open for the Summer • Light Rail – Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You • CZMP Process Moves Towards Completion • RRLRAIA Beginnings • Preserving the Ruxton Doll House

Winter 2004-2005
Rider House Restoration Update • Robert E. Lee Park Update • True Colors Revealed • Do You Remember the Bluebird School? • Ruxton Heights Development • 2004 Comprehensive Zoning Map Process (CZMP) • RRLRAIA Letter Mailed to All Residents (October 2003) • 2004 Comprehensive Zoning Map Process (CZMP)

Spring 2003
A Day in the Life of the RRLRAIA Executive Director • Bowen House Makes Preliminary Landmarks List • Neighborhood Wins Covenant Case Against Blakehurst • Falls Road Improvements • Major Developments Planned for RRLRAIA Neighborhoods

Fall 2002
Community Plan Adopted by Council • Historic St. John’s Chapel • Charles Street Village Streetscape Update • Plans for Ridge School Site Announced

Spring 2002
Riderwood Station Purchased for Preservation • Light Rail and RRLRAIA: A Cautionary Tale • Revisiting the Bare Hills I-83 Interchange • Bare Hills Historic District Designation • Robert E. Lee Park: A Crying Shame

Late Fall 2001
Twas a Night to Remember • Charles Street Enhancements • Baltimore County Detention Center

Summer 2001
Community Plan Adopted by Board • An Improved Ruxton Village Area is in the Making • Future Ruxton Traffic Engineer • The Ruxton Riderwood Lake Roland Area Forms a 501(c)3 Foundation • Medical Advisory Update • Lake Roland Area News

The Yellow House – A New Home for our Community Association? • The Historic Scott Settlement Bare Hills and the Reverend Aquilla Scott • A Walk in the Park • Exhaustive County Rezoning Process Concludes • Charles Street Roundabout • Helping an old Friend in Need

Fall 2000
Masterful Community Planning • Looking Back – A Curse on the Corner? • Community Plan to be Reviewed • News of the Great Falls Road Task Force • Banner Year for Open Space

April 2000
Community Expo Set for April 13, 14, 15 • More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Comprehensive Zoning (CZMP) • A Victory Seldom Won • New Light at Joppa and Thornton and Other Traffic Issues

March 2000
The Lake That Almost Wasn’t • Community Planning Committee Moves Forward

December 1999
Annual Bon Fire • More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Zoning • Planning Ahead – 2010

Fall 1999
Association Sponsors First Annual Community Picnic/Concert • Construction to Begin on Arden Courts Assisted Living Facility • Riderwood Elementary Playground • Baltimore County Zoning Process

Spring 1999
Q. What Equals 2,187? A. The Number of Bikes Stolen in Baltimore Co. Last Year • Annual Spring Cleanup Saturday, May 1st (rain or shine) • Help Raise Money for a Community Playground • Coming to an Open Field Near You • Stop Signs at Bellona Avenue and Ruxton Road

May-B 1999
Land Trust Details to be Presented at May 25 Annual Meeting • May Day Cleanup a Huge Success • Keep Up Appearances • Zoning/Development Updates

May-A 1999
Land Trust Issues – May 25, 1999 Annual Meeting

Winter 1998-1999
Annual Bonfire A Roaring Success! • President’s Letter • Board Forms Beautification Committee • Development Update • St. John’s Church Hosts Christmas Caroling

Spring 1998
Manor Care’s Proposed Assisted Living Facility for Old Woodvale School Site • Birth of a “Tradition” – Lake Roland Clean-up and Canoe Race Day • Pedestrian Walkways for Ruxton • Citizen Alert: “Home Occupation” Regulations, Business has no Business in Residential Neighborhoods • RRLRAIA Investigating Establishment of a Local Land Trust

Winter 1997-1998
Protect Your Privacy • Membership Counts • Woodvale School Site Update

Fall 1997
Pending Zoning Legislation (Home Based Offices) • Master Plan • Woodvale School Site • Bellona/Charles Proposed Assisted Living Facility • A Community Thank You and a Job Well Done to Mr. Tom Melito’s Fourth Grade Class

Note: Newsletters between November 1975 and Fall 1997 are not available. If you have copies that could be scanned, please contact RRLRAIA, phone: 410.494.7757, email:

November 1975
Lake Roland Restoration Action Phase Report • New County Comprehensive Rezoning Program Reviewed, Meetings Scheduled • Bridge Construction Plans Proposed for Ruxton Area • County Flood Control Involves Lake Area • Rain Blocks Bridge/Roland Run Flood Control Planned by Councilman • Traffic Increase Noted Throughout Local Areas

May 1975
Community Voices Support to Save Lake Roland • President Gives Outline Report of Year’s Work • Jones Falls-Stream Valley Park Open Spaces Plan • Lacrosse Leagues Now Organized • Special Fundraising Wins Neighborhood Backing • Victory for Protestants Noted in Zoning Appeals • Stumpp Property • Huddles to Speak at Association Meeting • First National Provides New Banking Facilities

November 1974
Zoning Reclassifications Threaten Community • President’s Report Cites Important Problems • Maps Still Available • Lake Roland Committee Report, Views Now Sought • Planning Board Supports Present Zoning Formula • Joppa-Old Court Road Signs now Restored • People’s Counsel Law Approved by County • Traffic Safety Rules • Joppa Road • Riderwood P.O. Shows Increased Business • Valley Inn • Leaf Burning Prohitibed • Memberships Now Listed Reflect Steady Growth • Stumpp Property Zoning Denied by Commissioner • Parking Lot Now Ample • Malvern Avenue Bridge • Colorful Autumn Created Beauty for Local Areas • First National Bank New Bank in Ruxton • Rockland Bleach and Dye Rezoning Plan Opposed • Sobeloff Tract Zoning Appeal Litigation Argued • Two Wheeler Nuisance • Environmental Studies • Dogs, Raccoons, Garbage • Correction

September 1974
Special Report from the Lake Roland Watershed Foundation, Inc.

May 1974
President Thanks Many for Successful Year • Hughes Special Speaker at Annual Meeting May 20 • Green Spring Valley • New Member Growth Makes Record Gains • Warehouse Zoning Sought by Rockland Bleach-Dye • Association Spans 23 Years Community Service • Joppa Road Bridge Impact Statement Awarded • Joppa Road Site in Area Proposed for 47 Apartment Units • No Appeal Instituted in Johnson Property Case • Zoning Committee Report of Current Cases • Fort Garrison • Club-Circle Road Plan not Envisaged by County • Lake Roland Report, Financial Progress Noted • Appeal Hearing Set for Excavation Contractors • Speed Controls set for Bellona-Malvern Avenues • Turkey Cock Hall

February 1974
Lake Roland Restoration Progress Report • Egypt Farms Re-Zoning Bid Denied by Board • Joppa Road Bridge Replacement Planned • Traffic Hazard Reported • Roland Run Flood Control Cited as Urgent Case • Treasurer’s Report • Flood Damage Now New Constant Threat • Sobeloff Land Rezoning Site Gigantic Crater • Ruxton Historical Background • Lake Roland Benefits Stressed • Joppa Road Bridge Plan Explained by County • Parking Lot at Graul’s Store to be Expanded • Circle-Club Road Link Under Study by County • Worthington Valley • History of Lutherville • Hardy Garden Club Beautification Program • Environmentalist Speaker at Brown Memorial • Raccoons Ravage Garbage Cans • New Members Listed Since Fall Bulletin • Committees 1973-1974 • Photograph • Springtime in Ruxton • To Clean Vacant Lot • Communication Report • Mantua Mill • RRLRAIA area map

November 1973
President’s Report Cites Important Problems • Whitman, Requardt Associates Lake Roland Report • Safety Regulations for Bicyclists Cited by the Traffic Committee • Malfunctioning Street Light Reports Urged • Lake Roland at the Crossroads • Reminder of Association Dues • Harrington’s Store Now Under New Management • Enlarged Parking Lot • Green Spring Valley • Leaf Burning Regulations • Spook Hill • Riderwood Bridge Project Demands Strick Supervision • Hunt’s Church Bicentennial • Rezoning Petition of Excavation Company Rejected • Zoning Appeals Involve Vital Legal Decisions • Lake Roland Watershed Foundation • Progress Noted by Special Committee • Committees 1973-74 • Report of Rezoning Status of Johnson Property • Riderwood Temporary Post Office • Interior Decorator and Stationers Riderwood Tenants

May 1973
Lake Roland Committee Progress Report • Report of President Cites Problems of Year • Muskrat Hunting is Legal Privelege • Change in Personnel • Lake Roland Book • Roland Run Flood Damage Creates Major Property Problems • Rehabilitation of Lake Urged • Old Court Road History • Names of Covenantees Listed • State Aid Needed to Clean up Lake Roland • Flowering Trees Enhance Beauty of Spring • Membership Dues • Status of Current Zoning Problems Reviewed • Riderwood Improvement Group Helped by Co-operative Plan • Annual Meeting of Association May 22 • Decisions Now Pending in Zoning Case • Membership Committee Submits Report • Membership Enrollment Shows Steady Growth • Traffic Expert’s Services Planned by Association • Traffic and Roads Committee

February 1973
Lake Roland: “The End of the Beginning” • Special Report of Johnson Committee • Walking at Lake Roland • New Members of Association since October • Increased Membership Enrollment is Urged • Boy Scouts Plant Tulips at Ruxton Pharmacy • Treasurer’s Report Shows Increase • Special Report of Traffic and Roads Committee • Engineering Study Approved for Lake Roland Project: Funds Alloted by County-City • Association Committee’s Member Names • Berwick Road Right of Way Case is Settled • Communications Committee Files Detailed Report • Townhouse Condominiums – New Riderwood Project Planned • Meetings of Rouse-Wates Special Committee Listed • Former Meeks Oles Tract Zoning is Challenged • President Bond Cites Vital Problems • Muskrat Hunting at Lake Roland • Riderwood Post Office Shows Business Gains • Baltimore County Courthouse • List of proposed commercial & residential development with sq. ft.

October 1972
Lake Roland: A Progress Report – Summer 1972 • Communication Committee Provides Vital Service • The RRLRAIA Board 1972-1973 • Traffic and Roads Committee • Legal Action Planned in Oles Property Project • Special Committee Report Re: Proposed Development Plan of Johnson Property • Treasurer’s Report Shows Gain • Boat Landing Ramp Plan Opposed • Leaf Burning Rules Announced by County • Association Committees Names for Year • Special Report of Zoning Committee • County to Help with Lake Roland Project: Ellicott Machine Corp. Offers use of Dredge • Association Membership Shows Steady Growth • Turkey Cock Hall • Greater Baltimore Medical Center Auxiliary Work • Membership Committee Report • Riderwood Post Office Reports Increased Business Volume • Health Hazard Protested • Wild Geese Over Ruxton • Hampton Farmhouse • RRLRAIA map

May 1972
Lake Roland, A Year Later: Some Progress, Some Frustration • Lake Roland – Editorial Content • May 1, 1972 New Members • Spring Time in Ruxton-Riderwood • Report of Zoning Committee • Membership Shows Steady Growth •
Revision of By-Laws Recommended • Roads and Neighborhood Committee • House Bill 451 and Towson • Sater’s Baptist Church • Ruxton Landmark Passes • Tierney Appoints Committee to Study Park Finances • Hunt’s Methodist Church • Traffic Conditions in Ruxton • Lake Roland Clean-up Day Saturday, June 10 • Lake Roland Siltation Problem Probed • Annual Meeting and Election of Officers May 24 • Committee to Study Boating Ramp Plans • Motorcycle Menace • Reassessment Bills Cited by Legislator • Congressman Long Reports on Environmental Law

February 1972
Lake Roland Committee Report • Membership Increase Cited by President • Tax Reassessment Program Creates Wide Protest • Zoning Problems Cited near Rockland Bleach • Traffic Signs Relocated • Garbage Disposal and Dogs • Mrs. Grace Binfor Dinning • New Members of the Association since October Bulletin • Federal Funds May Help Lake Area • Interstate 83 – Charles Street Interchange • March on Annapolis to Protest Tax Assessments • Music and Flowers • Old Court Road History • Membership Financial Report • MTA Takes Over Ruxton Bus Routes • Report of Communication Committee • Final Arguments Berwick Road Case • Traffic and Road Committee Report • A Winter’s Walk…Lake Roland as Seen by Robert Wirth • Ruxton Village Apartments • Special Bulletin – County-Tax Reassessments

October 1971
Lake Roland: A Study, A Hope, and a Plan • President’s Report Cites Performance • New Members of Association Since July Bulletin • New Bridge at Joppa Road, Bellona Avenue • Lake Roland Committee Members • Brief History of Zoning Ruxton-Riderwood • Report of Communication Committee • Rockland Bleach and Dye Company • Volunteers Needed at GBMC • Letter from Goucher President • RRLRAIA Opposes Jones Falls Sewer Project • New American Oil Company Station Meets Approved Standards • Bulletin Program of Publicity Commended by Member • Lake Roland to be Discussed at Conference • Ruxton Village Apartments • Praises Bulletin Service for Neighborhood • Tax-exempt Trust Planned to Fight Pollution • Traffic Road and Neighborhood Committee • Traffic Light System Studied • Ruxton History • Report of the Membership Committee • Walking Tour of Lake Roland

July 1971
Association Starts New Year • President Bond Assigns Committees • Report of the Lake Roland Committee • Swimming Dangers Noted for Lake Roland • Traffic, Road and Neighborhood Committee • New Members of the Association since Jan. 1, 1971 • Relocation of Amoco Station Planned • Area Map • Membership Committee Meeting • Ruxton Village Apartments • Return of Form Important

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